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We salute the Waqifs who have dedicated their properties for the benefit and upkeeping of the community. Now, it is our duty to protect and preserve the waqf properties so that the desires of the Waqifs are fulfilled





West Bengal Auqaf Board consists of elected and nominated members from various categories which are mentioned in the Waqf Act. The West Bengal Auqaf Board came into existence in the year 1936 following the Bengal "Waqf" Act, 1934.


1.1 Waqf – the religious background:-

The word "Waqf" (Arabic: وقف‎‎) also known as habous has its origin in the Arabic word “Waqafa” meaning thereby to detain or to hold or tie up. It is said that once second Khalifa Omar acquired a piece of land in Khaibar and asked the prophet Mohammed as how best to make the most pious use of it. The prophet said “Tie up the property and devote the usufruct to the welfare of huma... Read More

Our Achievements

The Board of Auqaf, West Bengal has taken steps for better and more organized administration of waqf in the State in the last years. Some of the very important ones are as follows:-

1. Augmentation of Income from big properties:- Cases of valuable Waqf properties were taken up in the right  earnest and the issues have been resolved, giving a boost to the income of the Waqf Estate and Waqf fund.

A) Prince GholamMohd. Waqf Estate (E.C. NO. 4775)

a) Shaw Wallace Building at 4&5, Banshall St., Kolkata:-
As per compromise settlement in 2008 M/S Shaw Wallace Company Pvt. Ltd. is paying at present Rs.6,00,000/- per month to the Waqf Estate. A lump sum of Rs. One crore as one time contribution was finalized and paid at the time of execution of settlement. Earlie... Read More

Future Plan

  1. To establish the modern AuqafBhawan with project cost of Rs. 29 crore (approx) at 01, Kaiser Street, Kolkata. The foundation stone has already been laid by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, West Bengal on 28.01.2016.
  2. To increase the Waqf contribution to benefit the Muslim Community at large.
  3. To speed up the disposal of Mutawalliship, Development & Tenancy matters of Auqaf Estates.
  4. To construct more Hostels in & around Kolkata to accommodate the intending students especially the female students to pursue their higher studies.
  5. To set up additional Guest House on Waqf land in Kolkata so as to accommodate the outsiders at nominal rate to perform their work in Kolkata.
  6. To digitize all the Waqf records & upload the same in office website and give the larger access to Waqf matters to general public.
  7. To establish Educational & Vocational Institutions by the Auqaf Board itself so that the Muslim youth can become self-reliant.
  8. To increase the number and amount of stipend for the poor & meritorious students especially encouraging education of Muslim Girls students.

Chairperson's Desk

Waqf property happens to be the property of Almighty Allah. It is our obligatory duty to protect and preserve the Waqf property for the welfare of the society.



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